CD: $10
LP: $12
CD/LP on Jagjaguwar/Brah Records (JAG 133)
released 10.21.08

1. Satellites
2. Nowheres Nigh (click for mp3)
3. Mount Misery
4. Little Ones
5. The Ceasing Now
6. Wedding In A Wasteland
7. Prefix Free
8. Solemn Show World

artwork by BJ Warshaw
CD: $10
LP: $12
CD/LP on Jagjaguwar/Brah Records (JAG 103)
released 05.22.07

1. Fractured Skies (click for mp3)
2. Brighter Days
3. Vision Of Repair
4. The Gold We're Digging
5. New Crimes
6. Long Way Down
7. Ghosts Will Burn
8. Unexplosions
9. Camera Shy
10. King Of The Hill
11. Fake Rain
12. Knives And Pencils

artwork by BJ Warshaw
CD: $10
Stay Afraid
CD on Jagjaguwar/Brah Records (JAG 077)
LP on Cardboard Records (CBR 004)
released 04.11.06

1. A Great Divide (click for mp3)
2. Drastic Measures
3. A Pleasant Stay
4. New Buildings
5. Death
6. Timeline
7. Repair
8. Stay Afraid
9. Springtime Hibernation
10. Changing of the Guard

artwork by BJ Warshaw

out of stock
Rise, Rise, Rise
split CD with Tyondai Braxton
Narnack Records (NCK 7008)
released 10.21.03

Parts & Labor:
1. Don't Just Fucking Stand There
2. Days In Thirds
3. Jurassic Technology
4. Good Morning Black Eye
5. Voltage (click for mp3)
6. Probably Feeling Better Already
7. The Endless Air Show(click for mp3)

Tyondai Braxton:
8. Stand There
9. Disintegrating Reels
10. Jackpot

artwork by BJ Warshaw

out of print
CD on JMZ Records (JMZ 005)
released 02.20.03

1. It's Not the End of the World
2. Autopilot
3. Mike Burke for President
4. Intervention
5. Parts & Labor (click for mp3)
6. Happy New Year
7. Railgun
8. Broken Man Going to Work
9. TB Strut
10. Groundswell

first 500 limited in silk-screened sleeves by Jacob Csinsi
artwork by BJ Warshaw
enhanced CD: Intervention music video by Chad Beck

CD: $8
Escapers Two
CD EP on Ace Fu Records (ACE 053)
released 04.08.08

51 songs in under 30 minutes, all written and recorded in just two days.

1. The Last Kiss   2. Semi-Annual   3. Blend Right In   4. This Is What You Wanted (click for mp3)   5. Knee Deep In Compromise   6. Waste Away   7. Strip The Wires Down   8. Fluffy   9. Fire Away   10. This House Won't Know You   11. Teach Me A Simpler Optimism   12. Whose World Can We Save?   13. Lou Reed   14. Chair In A Doorway   15. I Drew You A Picture Of A Man In A Doorway   16. Give Me Back My Future   17. Artificial Clouds   18. They'll Find You When They Want To Find You   19. Timeworn Habits   20. I Can't Think Of Anything That You Would Ever Want To Give Away   21. This Eclipse   22. We're Totally Playing The Siren Festival   23. Fun   24. The Urge To Go Get Wasted   25. That Race Is Run   26. For Once I Was Amused   27. A Taste Of Your Disease   28. Ten   29. Try And Try And Try And Try And Try   30. We Watched The Trash Wash Up   31. Part Elvis   32. Silver And Gold   33. No One Was Winning   34. Lucky Times   35. It Was The Happiest You Ever Had It   36. Phones Don't Ring At All   37. Stolen Sleep From The Horse Farm   38. To Be Believed   39. Too Much   40. Those Air Force Dollars Paid For Your Guitar   41. The Shittiest Song On This Record   42. Looks The Same To Me   43. Too Early To Tell   44. Burn Something   45. No Use For Them   46. The Night Alex Watson Took Out The Television   47. Nice To See You (Here Again)   48. Every Step Is A Scythe   49. Constant Earthquakes   50. Concrete Waves   51. Devalued Property Rights

12": $10
Escapers One
12" vinyl EP on Broklyn Beats (BB 27)
released 11.15.06

1. Processional
2. Circuitboard Driftwood
3. Tiny Lightning
4. Something About Stars
5. Davenport Amphitheater
6. Holiday's Over

12" black vinyl in letterpressed sleeves
artwork by BJ Warshaw
7 inches:

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We Were Here / Skimming Stone 7"
Altin Village
released 03.08

1. We Were Here
2. Skimming Stone

Very limited 7" on Altin Village, our buddies in Germany. Features guest vocals in German from Kurt Beals (ex-Pterodactyl).

out of print
Parts & Labor / Aa (Big A little a) split 7"
Cardboard Records (CBR 002)
released 09.14.05

1. Silent Tyrants (by Parts & Labor)
2. Summer Surgery (by Aa)

300 green vinyl
artwork by Aron Wahl silk screened by Team Screen

out of print
A Great Divide
Plastic Records 03
released 03.10.05

1. A Great Divide
2. Take Us Back

500 red vinyl in silk-screened, die-cut sleeves
artwork by Matt and Kim

out of print
Parts & Labor
JMZ Records (JMZ 004)
released 12.14.02

1. Parts & Labor (click for mp3)
2. Mike Burke for President
3. Japanada

100 red vinyl w/ silk-screened vinyl sleeves
400 black w/ silk-screened paper sleeves
artwork by Parts & Labor and Jacob Csinsi
2 CD: $15
Love And Circuits - A Cardboard Records Compilation
(From Aa to Zs)

2 CDs on Cardboard Records (CBR 008)
released 03.04.08

57 bands on 2 CDs, featuring songs from Matt & Kim, Oneida, Numbers, Japanther, Parts & Labor, Shy Child, High Places, Oh Sees, The USA Is A Monster, Gowns, Wilderness, These Are Powers, Maps & Atlases, Pterodactyl, Neptune, Big Bear, Ecstatic Sunshine and many more.

Of special note is the contribution from Trey Told 'Em (Girl Talk and Hearts of Darknesses' new remix project) -- a mashup track of all the other 56 submissions! (click for mp3)

Go to for the full track list.

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This Was Supposed To Be A Celebration
Mauled By Tigers
released 07.19.07

P&L contributes "Camera Shy". Features songs from Matt and Kim, Japanther, The Bananas, Lone Wolf and Cub, Pterodactyl, Dynamite Arrows, Maps and Atlases, Ultra Dolphins, The Deathset, and more...

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Xiu Xiu: Remixed & Covered
5RC (GER 077)
released 04.10.07

Parts & Labor covers "Apistat Commander" from Xiu Xiu's A Promise, released exclusively on iTunes.

CD includes tracks by Sunset Rubdown, Oxbow, Kid 606, Why?, Marissa Nadler, To Live & Shave In L.A. and more.

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Sheets Of Easter Everywhere: Volume I
Furniture Records (FR SEE 01)
released 02.01.07

A year long, six tape, subscription-based, cassette compilation paying tribute to Oneida's infamous psyche masterpiece, "Sheets of Easter."

Volume I features: A Pink Cloud, Horns, Parts & Labor, Old Nate, Jana Hunter, DJ Sony Playstation, Diamond Caverns, Oh Beast!, The Coke Dares, Dick Price and Assacre

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Confuse Yr Idols: A Tribute To Sonic Youth
Narnack Records (NCK 7019)
released 07.13.04

Parts & Labor covers "Sugar Kane"
includes tracks by Elf Power, Racebannon, Saicobab, Steel Pole Bath Tub, and more...